Here are some of the services we offer:

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you require cover as a freeholder, leaseholder or tenant we can provide policies to suit your own individual requirements.  Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd can insure all virtually all types of building, look to communicate all the positive points about your property to the underwriter and can in certain circumstances even advice on simple measures you can take to reduce your premium.

Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd specialises in providing cover on the following property types:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Listed Buildings
  • Mixed Developments
  • Unoccupied Commercial Property (Flea or wider perils)

Commercial Landlord policies offered by Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd are specifically designed to cover all the potential liabilities faced by landlords and you can be assured that the cover purchased is fully comprehensive.  If you are a Commercial Landlord with more than one property Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd is frequently able to make life easier for you by insuring all your properties under one policy.

As a business we appreciate the need for flexibility and whether you have one property or a whole portfolio we are confident in finding clients a cost effective solution to suit their individual requirements.

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Combined Liability

As a Broker Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd can provide small businesses with a competitive quotation for Combined Liability insurance. Let us break down the two covers for you

Employers’ Liability insurance
As a small business you do your best to limit the possibility of injury or illness to your employees resulting from their work, but if they do have an accident or become ill, your business could be sued for compensation under your employers’ liability insurance. As a result, businesses in the UK that employ staff are legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance to provide cover against a claim from an employee.

Employers’ liability insurance can be bought with Public Liability Insurance but not in isolation.

Why have employers’ liability insurance

  • In most cases if you have employees, employers’ liability insurance with cover of at least £5 million, is a legal requirement and you could be fined if you’re not covered
  • Easy access to ‘no win no fee’ legal services which help employees claim compensation may increase the likelihood of a business experiencing an employers’ liability claim if they suffer an accident or illness which they think has been caused as a direct result of their work
  • Your employers’ liability could be triggered even if the employee is a voluntary helper or is self employed but working under your supervision
  • The legal and compensation costs of defending your business against an employers’ liability claim could significantly damage your business.

Public Liability insurance
Despite your best intentions, accidents do happen and if the accident is as a result of something your business has done then a client, contractor, or member of the public can claim against your business for compensation. Your public liability can be triggered by something as simple as spilling a drink over a client’s computer, or a contractor slipping on a wet surface in your office incurring injury or damage.

Why have public liability insurance

  • Even if you don’t have visitors to your office or home, you could still suffer a public liability claim against your business; for example, if you accidentally damage a client’s property in their office
  • Easy access to ‘no win no fee’ legal services which help individuals claim compensation may increase the likelihood of a business experiencing a public liability claim
  • Anyone working for you could trigger a public liability claim against your business if their actions at work injure a client or member of the public
  • Many companies and organisations will also insist on their suppliers having public liability insurance cover in place.

Public Liability can be purchased in isolation.

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Shops – Offices & Surgeries

As a Broker Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd have access to all major markets and can obtain a competitive quote for your Shops, Offices or Surgeries

This could cover:

  • Material Damage to Buildings and Contents & Stock
  • Business Interruption
  • Goods In Transit
  • Loss of Business Money
  • Personal Accident and Assault cover
  • Employers Liability up to £10,000,000
  • Public & Products Liability up to £5,000,000 (Higher if required)
  • Specified all Risks (Optional)
  • Refrigerated Stock (Optional)
  • Loss of Licence (Optional)
  • Essential Business Legal Expenses (Optional)
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High Net Worth Household

If you are the proud owner of a country house then you require a specialist to provide a bespoke insurance solution to protect your property against a whole variety of risks. Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd can provide you with a specifically calibrated solution for your country house. Our insurance solution will include comprehensive cover for all property, assets and liabilities.

Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd can offer clients insurance for:

  • Historic, listed or buildings of non-standard construction with significant re-build costs
  • Agricultural property, farms and small holdings
  • Antiques, fine art and memorabilia
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Residential Let Property Insurance

As a broker Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd recognises that your ‘Buy-to-Let’ property investment is a significant asset and one that you may be reliant on for income either now or in the future.  It therefore needs to be fully protected and so your Landlords Insurance should be with a reputable insurer who is going to deal with all claims as swiftly and sympathetically as possible.  From a financial perspective the premium needs to be both affordable and cost effective to maximise the overall yield on your property.

Under the schemes available Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd can offer cover for all types of tenant, from working professional to DSS, and we can also accommodate properties which are Let to the Local Authority or Housing Association or for one reason or another unoccupied.

Optional extras generally include:

  • Landlords Contents Cover
  • Accidental Damage
  • Rent Protection
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Event Insurance

At Nelsons Insurance Services our aim is to provide you with competitive quotations, if you are having a Street Party or a Fete, for One Off Events, Multiple Events, Sporting Events, or Stallholders Insurance.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

At Nelsons Insurance Services Ltd we have access to all Major Markets and Lloyds of London and can obtain a competitive quotation for this type of cover.

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI insurance or indemnity insurance, can help protect you if claims are brought against you by a client due to a problem with work you have done for them.

A Professional indemnity policy will offer cover for compensation you may need to pay to correct a mistake or cover any legal costs due to negligence, such as giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.

You may need professional indemnity insurance if you:

  • Provide advice to your clients
  • Handle data belonging to a client or business
  • Are responsible for a client’s intellectual property
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Provide a professional service and could be challenged on your work. You may feel confident in the quality of your work, but any small business is vulnerable to a claim of negligence when professional advice or services fail to meet a client’s expectations and cause financial loss.